Testimonials: Why Choose LMPRC?

A “long but steady transformation”
Testimonial from client N.A., Madison

The day I walked into the Center at age 57, I had ignored my childhood wounds and what went wrong in my failed relationships and worse yet, that I allowed them to fester and grow. But through tough love and professional but gentle candor and advice by my therapist, I was able to release my childhood baggage and all the hurt from three broken relationships that was holding me back from enjoying life.

Even though I had accomplished a great deal during my professional life and was a responsible and active father, I always found myself feeling happy for others but not for myself. Why? Because it was impossible to unravel the emotional pain from my childhood on my own and by just reading self-help books. So I sought out the professionals at the Center and with weekly and sometime twice-a-week sessions, I became more and more aware of my own childhood issues, which were controlling my life and causing an emotional void in my relationships.  With the help of the Center and a lot of hard work on my own, I started the journey toward a transformational change in my life, which turned my life around.   

My therapist at the Center, Ellanora Ward, Ph.D., became my professional confidant and over a period of time, helped me change my life for the best, which was very noticeable by my family and close friends. This transformation allowed me to be a better person by prioritizing my life around caring family members and trusted friends.

My long but steady transformation — from daily worries about what other people thought of me and from me always doing the right things for all the right people but never for myself — finally led to me taking care of myself and becoming completely comfortable in my own skin and who I am as a person. This journey was well worth my time and the professional investment my therapist and the Center provided me. 

I now embrace life every morning and every evening with gratitude and compassion for others. And most of all, I have learned about the most wonderful places to be in the world — in the special thoughts and hearts of my family, close friends and trusted colleagues. That is how the Center and my therapist helped me transform that dark day in June, when I walked into the Center for my first visit.

A doctor’s “top choice”
Testimonial from Dr. Mark Timmerman, Family & Sports Medicine, River Valley Clinic, Spring Green

Lake Monona Center for Psychotherapy and Recovery is my top choice in the Madison area for addiction treatment and psychotherapy. Their highly experienced and professional staff has proven an invaluable resource to me and my patients throughout my 24 years of practice as a Family Physician. I can always count on them to provide my patients with an approach that is at once compassionate and also no-nonsense, and their communication with me as a primary provider has always been amazingly prompt and thorough. They also work well as a coordinated team, utilizing therapists and psychiatrists and primary providers in a manner that supports patients and allows for efficient and effective treatment. I recommend the LMPRC with enthusiasm and confidence.