Dan Di Cerbo, LCSW

dan-dicerboWhen people ask me what I do for a living I tell them, “I help people let go of fear, emotional pain and limiting beliefs so they can become the happy, healthy, successful, fulfilled people they were always meant to be.”

For years, I worked as a psychotherapist in one of the largest Social Service agencies in the Midwest. During this time, I helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families overcome a wide variety of emotional and life challenges.

I also worked with foster care and adoptive families, provided intensive in-home crisis intervention services, worked with juveniles in residential programs, and conducted numerous seminars, workshops and training programs.

It is my great passion to help relieve suffering and help people unlock their potential.

Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, phobias (even public speaking), distressing thoughts, childhood traumas, post traumatic stress, a painful breakup, food cravings, limiting beliefs or just about any kind of emotional challenge, I welcome the opportunity to listen to your story and with intuition, gentleness, compassion and humor help you get unstuck and start moving to where you want to be in your life.


Education: Masters in Clinical Social Work, Advanced training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and evenings as needed
Treatment Orientation: Client-centered, strengths-based therapy, EFT and a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on the needs of the individual.
Insurance/Cost: Some insurances accepted. Flexible pricing. Cash, check and charge accepted.
Contact: Call me directly at 608-432-1920